demon (sold out)

by naive

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Recorded Dec. 2013 in our rehearsalroom. Mixed and mastered by lomax-imp at W12, Cologne.
These are our first few songs. The Tape was limited as a tour edition of 60 copies and is sold out. Thanx!


released December 28, 2013



all rights reserved


naive Cologne, Germany

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Track Name: ages
how does it sound when blank pages fly in the rain?!
they loose their weight and start to suck the mud

how does it look when tears start to get invisible?!
i'm emptying my mind and let the body do the work

maybe dead...

how does it feel when stairs start to move by their own?!
i'll move on slow and wait for where they'll go

i live in fear. One day it'll be that way.
Track Name: don't you
don't you this lifestyle
...wear this sunglass
…eat this ice cream

won't you
...keep the distance
...just shut up
...stop bothering me

i want you to...
i want you not to do...

don't undo what you do cause i start to hate you
don't you continue

won't you
...interrupt it
...keep the distance
...stop bothering me

don't you
...feel your emptyness
...see there's no sence
...start to bore yourself

won't you
...stop talking
...start thinking
...stop looking at me
Track Name: bloody hands
dead bodies don't walk
they walk away
with frozen tears in their eyes
they walk away

no fall can break their bones
no glass can cut their skin
bloody hands
i'm alive and it hurts
Track Name: to drown
do i loose my politics?!
too busy for riot
too lazy for revolution
too much hurts!

no riot
no action
no! nothing changes!

cold skin, whispering, dark, cold and dying
it's like a deep sea I have to drown
too much hurts!

It's a deep, dark and cold sea
Track Name: two hearts
he wants to close his eyes and die
do you think misery is eating him?!
no, it's your society!

dont you know you have two hearts
one for your sadness and one for all of your doubts

i want to close my eyes and die
cause i know misery is eating me
oh, it's your society!

let go to let live
i wanna be eaten and i want to suffer